Video Price: $100

Are you interested in Metal Bending?

3+ Hours of powerful ideas, routines and provocative thoughts

Simone Ravenda-Metal Bending VideoLecture will teach you the essential aspects in performing realistic Metal Bending.

Professional experience and practical ideas 

You will learn:
Simone´s favorite brand of cutlery, and how you can find the best ones
Bending approaches with spoons, forks, coins and more!
The "Recoil" principle
Fundamental mechanical techniques
Essential subtleties and details
How to bend ANY cutlery (yes, even those thick ones)
Psychological Bending (not just how to do but how to BE)
The mindset of a Metal Bender
Ravenda´s FULL professional four-phase masterpiece using ANY spoon or fork (worth the price of the videolecture)

If you are interested in creating powerful and real experiences using metal bending, this videolecture is for you!

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